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Learn how to Trade the Financial Markets with
Stock Sniper Trading

At Stock Sniper Trading, we will mentor you to become a more consistent and profitable trader, by teaching you technical and fundamental analysis.  

We start with the basics and teach you step by step how to read and interpret charts, learn various trading strategies, and help understand the psychology behind trading. Take your trading to the next level and join the fast growing sniper team.

Our Exclusive Sniper Membership Program

Through SST structured courses, live interactive trading, and dedicated support, you will have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to execute our Core Strategy — designed to empower you to generate income and build wealth.

Monthly Membership

$49.99 USD + TAX

Stock Sniper 3/6/12 Month Plans

Starting From
$149.99 USD + TAX

1 On 1 Trading Consulting

Starting From
$99.99 USD + TAX

Sniper Lifetime Membership

$999.99 USD + TAX

Alerts Only Subscription
Get 3/4 Alerts per day

Access our Private Discord Server $29.99 USD + TAX

Stock Sniper Trading Program Benefits


We will help guide you along your trading journey by teaching you the technical, fundamental, and psychological skills in order to trade today's financial markets.

Sniper Trading Education

We educate our Snipers through easy to follow tutorials and webinars designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level traders, through proven Sniper concepts.

Sniper Trade Ideas & Signals

We provide 3/5 quality Trade Ideas/Signals per day depending on Market Conditions to help understand technical analysis while growing your trading account.

Live Trading Environment

We provide daily live trading sessions during Tokyo, London, and New York in our private interactive Zoom rooms.




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