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Our goal from day one has been to help people. When we first started Stock Sniper Trading we have stood by the saying “Pay It Forward”, this means to give to others and ask for nothing in return. When we were approached by Shannon who is the founder of 911 Outreach which is a nonprofit organization located in South Africa we knew we had to help. Our main goal here is to help Shannon and her team learn the fundamentals of Forex so she is able to be a profitable trader to help fund her nonprofit organization. We have added her to our mentorship group where we will help mentor her to become a consistent profitable trader. Please continue reading below to learn more about the 911 Outreach nonprofit program. We are extremely happy to be helping Shannon and her cause for positive change!

Who we are:
911 Outreach is an Non-Profit Organization established in 2017 here in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa. We started this project in the aim to reach out to communities that are vulnerable towards poverty, substance and alcohol abuse. We reach out to children, youth and adults. We target these issues whereby we host : Talks, Camps, Outreaches and Mentorship programs on the following:

Hope Farm Project:
The farming communities here mostly live in poverty, Our project here focuses on going against this social evil by building them with resources and opportunities towards a better future.

YouLead Youth Project:
Is a student leadership program aimed to develop leadership qualities and skills amongst young people moving the focus away from alcohol and drug abuse

FeedAfrica Project:
Daily feeding schemes and providing clothing to vulnerable children and the homeless.

Sister/Brother Project:
Addresses Abuse, gender-based violence, alcohol abuse, marriage counselling, family dynamics.

I just would like to thank Stock Sniper Trading for the assistance in helping us grow this vision to change as many lives as possible…


Founder of 911 Outreach South Africa

Shannon Govender

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