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This was a US30 trade taken during our Live New York Session on Sept. 16/21, where we entered a multiple sell entry, and we profited $834usd on a quick scalp.

Lets break down the psychology of this trade:

A) US30 was consolidating leading into the NYSE (Wall Street Equity Market Open) ranging from 38845 to 38865

B) 9:30am EST NYSE open, US30 broke out bullish and made a higher high to 34960 in the first 5 minutes of the market open

C) US30 formed a short term resistance level at 34950, where selling pressure increased

D) We entered into multiple sell entries when volume broke below a key support level 34900

E) There was a minor pullback as buyers entered, but selling pressure increased forming a lower high where we entered another sell entry

F) We rode the bearish momentum down to approx 34863 where we exited the trade and closed all positions, profiting $834usd in minutes

**It is always important to understand to take partial profits, because price action can reverse in the opposite direction. Secure partial profits, and leave remaining profits with a breakeven stop loss as price action may continue bearish**

This trade illustrates that trading with the trend can be very profitable once you learn price action, support and resistance and divergence. Scalping can also present opportunities to countertrade the trade but proper risk/account management must be used.

These volatile markets can be very erratic and its always best to use proper risk and account management while trading.

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